Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Annie's BIG Nature Lesson: Teacher Training

What a great way to start the ABNL Experience! A group of 27 teachers met today at Harris Nature Center in Okemos to talk about Annie's BIG Nature Lesson. They heard the history of the program, its mission and accomplishments, and got a feel for what their class's experience will be like. Throughout the training, teachers collected mountains and mountains of ideas for multi-disciplinary lesson plans to engage students during their weeklong experience in nature. 

Roseanne prepares to lead teachers on discovery walk

Teachers embark on discovery walk

Sound map: create a map of the sounds you hear and where they are in relation to where we're standing. 

Margaret shows how to help students "zoom in": by providing a frame (in this case, 2 rulers).
Here, another easy "frame": a window made with an index card. 

A great way to pause during a walk: read a children's book.

Distribute paint swatches to help students identify color in the outdoors.

Observation time.

Amazing things to be found when looking eye level...

ground level...

and sky level!

We are looking forward to hearing about your experiences throughout the school year! Please use the comment box to post your thoughts, reflections, or experiences!